TarpVice….not your common tarp clip. But it is the quick and simple way to replace tarp grommets or secure any textile used in Camping, Landscaping, Construction or Home projects, repairs or maintenance. 100% Canadian Invented, Owned, Manufactured and Packaged.

Title ImageTarpVice is a universal textile restraint clip designed for Industry and trade but available to Home Owners across Canada. This snap together clip requires no tools and instantly creates an attachment location of superior strength that helps your tarps and textiles resist tearing by providing a large grip surface.
Large installations are not a problem for TarpVice.
2 Canadian winters on the BraeBen Golf course greens has proven that TarpVice will hold your project in place no matter what the conditions. Check out #TarpVice for more installation ideas.
TarpVice….this is not your common tarp clip!

Save the shipping costs now and purchase TarpVice throughout Canada at your local Home Hardware store.

Industrial strength restraint clamps available to everyone.  Versatile enough for all of your needs at work, home or play!!

If the TarpVice clips are tight when you receive them, soak in HOT tap-water for 30 seconds and they will separate.

Different purchase packages available.  Single Packs are MSRP, Quad Packs are 5% off retail, Single Boxes are 15% off retail, and Double Boxes are 25% off retail.  All pricing is subject to shipping costs and HST.  For larger purchases, custom lengths, or if you are considering becoming a retail vendor, just drop me a line in the “Contact Tarp Vice” link at the top of the page.

Please note that all prices are in Canadian Dollars.  Shipping rates are the same across Canada and are subject to change whenever postal rates increase. TarpVice helps prevent construction screening from tearing due to high winds becasue of the 4″ grip surface.  Predrilled to receive ties, screws, spikes, fence wire, and more!  Snap together design make installation quick and easy.  Reusable, Reliable, Remarkable!

If you are looking for TarpVice in the US, you can make an on-line purchase by clicking on this URL that will take you to TarpVice.com
Contact us if you are interested in distribution opportunities.